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The Map from the Little Old Chap

I know about the map
from the little old chap.

It was in his sack of burlap
sitting on his kneecap.

Yes, I know about the map
from that dear old chap.

He wore a baseball cap,
and he gave his knee a slap.

“You there, take this map!”
he gave me a tap.

What could I do but take the map?
The man had already begun his nap.

So I set off with my road map
and ran into a mishap.

Someone else made to kidnap
my map from the little old chap!

Luckily this man was handicap,
and he finally gave back my map.

Off again was I in a snap.
Down the road I went, with my scrap of a map.

A Journey of a Thousand Miles

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Chinese Proverb

There’s a path we all must follow
it’s a challenge to find
so look inside
yourself, and wonder
how can I find mine?

These paths are interwoven
crisscrossed at every step
everyone we meet
is ready
to bring on the heat.

One step at a time we wander
be careful not to stray
down the darker path
temptation will surely lay.

One foot in front of the other
find footholds here and there
look around and you will see
others also stumbling

You’re not alone in the journey
for He is holding your hand
like a guide He leads you
leaving footprints
in the sand.

Lights are shining up ahead
there’s light at the end of the tunnel…
when the path of life is over,
and you’ve emerged victorious forever,
you’ll know you didn’t crumble.

Roller Coaster

If your world is crashing down,
and everything is turned around,
brace yourselves
for the worst roller-coaster life can give.

this ride is one
you probably won’t enjoy…

Just sit tight,
hold on for dear life,
risk a smile or two.

The passengers behind you
are in the same old boat
everyone is going through
the same trials and errors.

Change is something
we don’t normally embrace
but hold out your arms
and catch it.

Like a star
like a wish
like the faraway moon,
hope still shines bright.

Look around you
down inside you
to find the strength to carry through.


Ever felt stressed?
The feeling definitely
isn’t the best.

If you spell it out
it doesn’t help
the feeling spreading

But spell it backwards
and what you find
blows your mind:
it’s ‘desserts’!

When you’re feeling down
you can turn things around
with some sweets
or a treat.

Some chocolate,
could ease the pain
some cake or ice-cream, too

cookies or pie
piled high
with lovely, delicious
whipped cream.

Sprinkles and icing
marshmallows and more
chocolate chips,
cookie dough,
coconut bits like snow.

With a full belly
and a mouth full of sugar
you’re sure to feel better

Bird’s Eye View

So wonderful it seems
to view the wonders below
from a bird’s eye view.

Sitting on a branch
of a tall, tall tree
watching what goes on below me
from a bird’s eye view.

A cocoon hanging still
shivers in the breeze
I watch happily
from a bird’s eye view.

Just formed it is ugly
to the naked eye at first
I will wait patiently
and watch from a bird’s eye view.

A newly born baby
down on the sidewalk
a couple smiling
their hearts full and brimming
as I watch from a bird’s eye view.

The cat and mouse
play at the trunk
of master’s tree down there
this is seen from a bird’s eye view.

I see the cocoon shaking
but the breezes are still
could it be? – I wonder
I wait and watch from my bird’s eye view.

It cracks down the middle
with a sound only heard by me
why is it that nobody seems
to be listening
as I watch from a bird’s eye view.

Luckily I am there to behold
a miracle of nature
a butterfly
pleasing to my eyes
flutters up into the tree.

I’m reminded of why I’m here
in this lovely place
smelling the roses
taking my time
to watch from a bird’s eye view.

Bye, Bye 2009!

It’s time to say goodbye
to the lovely 2009:

I turned 13
what a change!

I did new things
played new games.

I kept a journal,

to remember
my favorite things.

Everyone has something different
that seems of special importance

in our minds eye we can picture
the highlights of 2009.

So on this last note
we’ll say goodbye

to all those we lost
to the wonderful times

we experienced
in 2009.


It’s 2010;
a new year
a year to do
new things.

Here comes another birthday
one year older at last
and then I’ll wait for the new year
to do it all over again.

2010 will bring change
from weather
to fashion
to more,

new people,
new talents
will be welcomed
into our world.

I’ll wait
and watch
to see for myself
what 2010 will bring.

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year! Welcome to 2010!
– Brooke

The Christmas Cheer

The Christmas cheer is spreading
excitement is creeping in
we’re dreaming of sugar and spice
Christmas presents of every kind.

Smiles are on our faces
as we prepare for the holiday
we’re laughing and we’re singing
to special Christmas songs.

‘Comfy cozy are we,’
cuddling up on the couch
drinking cocoa and snacking
on candy canes.

Driving around
to look at Christmas lights
strung atop the trees,
we’re happy and we’re ready…

for the best day of the year
the holiday we look forward to
Jesus’ coming is remembered
the Christmas cheer is finally here.