5 Things to STOP Doing

I love reading Writer’s Digest articles. I receive emails from Writer’s Digest nearly every day, and while I send many of them straight to the trash, I usually keep the ones with links to interesting articles.

This is because I read more about writing than I do actual writing.

Anyway, these articles usually make me laugh, or offer extremely useful tips when it comes to crafting characters, plot, and conflict. I recently read the article “5 Things to Stop Doing (If You Really Want to Finish Writing Your Novel).”

If you are a writer, this article is a must-read. Because you will probably find yourself nodding at the screen as you read through the list.

1. Nix the excuses.

2. Stop trying.

3. Stop the Inner Critic’s crazy rants.

4. Don’t overdose on caffeine.

5. Stop thinking it should be easier. <—- This is totally me.

I think the only one of these “5 things” that doesn’t accurately describe my current writing life would be #4. I can’t stand coffee, so I would be more likely to overdose on hot chocolate. Or tea. (Is that possible??)


5 Things to Stop Doing (If You Really Want to Finish Writing Your Novel) by Brian Klems


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