Anne of Green Gables: L.M. Montgomery

Anne of Green GablesAnne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery
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This book is my dear, dear friend. I am totally in love with Anne of Green Gables. Orphaned, red-haired, skinny and ‘homely’ Anne Shirley is a delightful, cherished, and beloved character. From start to finish, I thoroughly enjoyed Anne of Green Gables.

Let me tell you why – Anne is so unique that I find myself caught up in her imaginings, and her exploits and ‘scrapes.’ I want her to find a ‘bosom friend’ and kindred spirit. I want her to stay ahead of Gilbert Blythe, but now I want them to fall in love!

I was so sad when I finished the book – and surprised when I realized that Anne was already 16, and five years had gone by since the first chapter when she arrived at Green Gables as a gangly 11 year old.

L.M. Montgomery walks you through Anne’s life as an adolescent, and makes you smile, laugh, and cry as you read. Some of the highlights were when Anne blew up at Mrs. Lynde, set Diana drunk, almost drowned, dyed her hair green, and flavored a cake with liniment. But the best part was watching Anne change as she grew older to become a young women.

Can’t wait to read Anne of Avonlea. 🙂

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