Blog Updates: May 15 2011

Hey everyone! I’m so excited because my blog-viewings have definitely spiked in this last couple of months. If you are new to my blog, be sure to check out the new features I’ve recently added.

Look at the pages listed above: I have added a ‘Presentations’ page and a ‘Q&A w/ Brooke’ page. The ‘Presentations’ page is a sub-page of ‘De Couleur Pale,’ so to view this page find it listed in the left sidebar. 🙂

Those might not seem like major improvements, but I am very excited about them!! I have done 3 school presentations so far, and I would love to do more, so if you’re interested in having me speak at your school take a peak at the ‘Presentations’ page. If you have seen one of my presentations, and didn’t get a chance to ask questions, please submit them to my ‘Q&A’ page so I can provide an answer. If you haven’t seen a presentation, that’s alright too because you also can submit your questions! An email for submission is given on the page, and I have already answered a couple of frequently asked questions.

Alright! Enjoy!! I’m always looking for improvement, so if you have ideas, or critiques, or comments on the new features please let me know!! Either contact me through the email I’ve given on my ‘Q&A’ page or comment on this post.

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