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Champion (Legend, #3)Champion by Marie Lu

Champion, the conclusion to the Legend trilogy by Marie Lu, marks the end of Day and June’s story.

The conflict between the Republic and the Colonies comes to a head, and Day and June must decide if fighting for the country which has caused them so much pain is worth it. Though the Republic is beginning to adjust to a new Elector, it is still difficult for Day and June to forget the deaths of their loved ones and the political corruption.

Day is dying. June is chafing under her new responsibilities as a Princeps-Elect. And then, the tentative peace treaty between the Republic and the Colonies is destroyed with the breakout of plague. Unless the Republic is able to offer the Colonies a cure, war is imminent.

I enjoyed the book overall. Unfortunately, I didn’t find it to be as compelling as the first two books in the trilogy. The book wasn’t as fast paced or action packed. Day and June’s relationship wasn’t as developed as I’d hoped it would be.

I did enjoy reading from both Day and June’s perspectives. I could easily distinguish between their perspectives, as Marie Lu does a fantastic job giving both characters a unique voice.

The ending was both somewhat predictable and somewhat surprising.

I think readers will be satisfied with this concluding book, and I look forward to reading more from Marie Lu.

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