Brooke Reviews: Chasing Jupiter by Rachel Coker

Chasing JupiterChasing Jupiter by Rachel Coker

Chasing Jupiter, by Rachel Coker, was a sweet and moving novel which I definitely enjoyed.

Scarlett is only 16, but she is the glue which keeps her family together. Her parents are struggling financially, and don’t understand their eldest daughter Julie, who has died her hair blue, or their youngest son Cliff, who is obsessed with Spanish battles and sometimes refers to himself in third person. Scarlett is Cliff’s caretaker, as well as the family cook, and is often asked to babysit her grandfather on top of it all.

When Cliff asks for a rocket to Jupiter, Scarlett believes it could be a fun summer project. She and Cliff, with the help of Frank (Scarlett’s crush), sell peach pies to earn the money for their rocket. But Scarlett’s family continues to fall apart and Scarlett believes it’s her fault.

I think Scarlett is a character many of us can identify with, because she believes she must do everything herself. Rather than giving up her burdens and trusting in Christ, she continues to rely on her own strength to keep her family together.

Scarlett and Cliff’s story was so touching. Their love and loyalty for each other was a large part of what prompted me to keep reading. Both Scarlett and Cliff were quirky characters, but their unique personalities were original and refreshing.

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One thought on “Brooke Reviews: Chasing Jupiter by Rachel Coker

  1. S.M. Olson

    Hmmm. It certainly sounds like an interesting idea. It strikes a chord with me since me and my little brother are working together to design a magnet car this summer : ) I love that it is about a teen, yet focuses on family issues rather then the boyfriend/girlfriend norm. Maybe it is a refreshing break from the heap of dirty summer teen romance? I am definitely throwing this onto my reading list!


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