Brooke Reviews: Counting Backwards by Laura Lascarso

Counting BackwardsCounting Backwards by Laura Lascarso

Counting Backwards, by Laura Lascarso, was a touching novel about the complications of discovering oneself. The protagonist of Lascarso’s debut finds it difficult to let go of her anger and trust anyone but herself, but she eventually realizes what it means to love and be loved.

Taylor is a 16 year old who is angry with the world. She’s angry with her father, for leaving her mother, she’s angry with her mother, an alcoholic, and she’s angry that she’s ended up in Sunny Meadows, a juvenile psychiatric correctional facility. Taylor just wants a way out, and is reluctant to make any effort to change.

I really enjoyed this book because Taylor’s journey is emotional and moving. Although it was often easy to get frustrated and annoyed with Taylor’s decisions, I understood why she chose to do the things she did and my heart went out to her. The reader sees everything through Taylor’s eyes, and it was interesting to watch her perspective slowly change.

The characters were quirky. Taylor’s unlikely friends have much to do with her recovery. The plot was refreshing. Lascarso crafted a very realistic story, and I admire her for that. Taylor is a teenager who has gone through a lot. It shouldn’t have been easy for her to change. Her issues, and her fears, were much deeper than even she realized.

This book is honest, something that readers appreciate. Definitely a must-read. 🙂

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