Brooke Reviews: Illusions of Fate by Kiersten White

Disclaimer: I’m going to apologize ahead of time for being a bad book blogger – I did not write this review immediately upon finishing the book. I’m sorry…I promise it won’t happen again!

So where to start with Kiersten White’s newest standalone? Her books are so addictive. Her writing style is just gorgeous, and she creates these rich story worlds that I can vividly imagine even days after I’ve finished the novel.

Our protagonist, Jessamin, is independent and hard-working and feisty. She has skeletons in her closet (blackmail, anyone?), but as a reader you’re willing to forgive her for them. In fact, her skeletons make her infinitely more interesting. 😉

Jessamin is struggling to make it in a world which is determined to make sure she doesn’t succeed. She faces a good deal of prejudice from the nobility of Albion, who are rich and excluding and snobby. All but Finn, that is. He’s aloof and mysterious, but he treats Jessamin like an equal, and he enjoys spending time with her (for reasons she can’t quite understand).

This book has a very dark tone I wasn’t exactly expecting. But I really can’t imagine it any other way. I think it adds to the mystery and intrigue of the plot. Bonus points to White for a super creepy villain, the hilarious sidekick Eleanor, and an unpredictable climax/conclusion. The plot twist was fantastic but the ending was a bit sudden.

This book left an impression. It was an incredibly enjoyable read for me.


Have you read this book? Share your thoughts! If you’re a fan of Kiersten White, we should be friends.

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