Brooke Reviews: The Heir by Kiera Cass

The Heir is the continuation of The Selection series, but from the perspective of the next generation. Princess Eadlyn is the only daughter of King Maxon and Queen America, and she’s also the first female heir to the throne of Illea. She’s spoiled and conceited and sometimes selfish, and she’s fiercely independent. That’s why she’s completely uncomfortable with her parents’ idea of a Selection, even when it’s for the good of her country. Her parents hope the princess’ search for a husband will distract the kingdom from it’s displeasure over the elimination of the caste system.

I liked Eadyn. She could be especially annoying (like her mother! ugh, America!), but I appreciated her acknowledgement of her own flaws and shortcomings. I empathized with her, because she has enormous responsibility and pressure placed upon her as the first female heir. Her struggle with the Selection stems from her fierce independence, and that’s understandable. I understood that Eadlyn only wished to prove she could be a competent ruler without a male partner. She seems to think that dependence on another is a sign of weakness, and that she should only ever be strong and confident and fierce. (She has definite feminist leanings!)

Of course, because Eadlyn thinks she has everything under control, nothing goes according to plan. She undergoes a lot of growth throughout the novel, especially when it comes to accepting her vulnerabilities and learning to open up to both friends and family. She’s so guarded, and she’s scared of letting others in. She’s scared of possibly developing feelings for any of the boys. But she recognizes this, and she wants to change.

I also enjoyed the heavy dose of familial love – Eadlyn has loving, supportive parents, and three sweet, protective brothers. (She’s a twin!) I loved her relationship with her siblings. As for the boys of the Selection, they’re quirky and endearing. It was interesting to read from the perspective of the selector rather than the selected. So far the plot isn’t predictable – the cliffhanger ending took me by surprise. Above all, the book is incredibly entertaining. Very quick read!




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