Coming Soon: The Release of Book 3!

Hey, everyone! I am VERY excited to let you know that Book 3 – Scharred – is on it’s way. I am completely finished, and the final draft has been approved and sent off for the second proof copy.

The book should be published within the next two weeks!

I just sent out a reminder email to those who asked to be notified when the book is released (another email will be sent out as soon as the book is on Amazon), but if you have also read the series and would like to be notified, please fill out the form on the ‘Scharred’ page. Click this link if you would like to be notified when Book 3 is released.

I have updated the same page with a picture of the cover of Book 3 and the excerpt on the back of the book! It’s a very late sneak peak, but a sneak peak nonetheless. 🙂 Enjoy!

– Brooke

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