Enjoy the challenge of going out of your comfort zone


The most challenging pieces I’ve written are usually the pieces I am most proud of.

This is because I’ve dedicated my “blood, sweat, and tears” to these pieces.

I’ve realized, looking back now, that I enjoy the challenge of writing something I may not necessarily have wanted to write. It’s a pain, of course, but in every instance I grew as a writer. I’m talking about assignments, including school essays and also articles for my school newspaper.

At first, it’s difficult to translate my ideas into cohesive sentences. I grow frustrated. I write. I rewrite. I rewrite again.

And when I’ve produced a finished product, and compare it to the original, I’m amazed. And proud. It’s like the satisfaction of getting a good grade after working really hard, because you earned it.

So I challenge you: write something outside of your comfort zone. Poem, short story, a play. It will challenge you in ways you might not have predicted. Overcoming these obstacles, in turn, will allow you to grow as a writer.

It’s important to always be learning something new. You are never going to stop learning – learn from others, learn from your failures, learn from your success.


*Btw, NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is one month away. This is definitely something which will push me out of my comfort zone. Are you going to participate?

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