Favorite Dystopian Fiction Author? New poll!

So I’ve been reading lately.

A lot.

And I was surprised to find that the books I was reading (the books I enjoyed the most, that is) were dystopian fiction novels. I say I was surprised because I had previously written-off dystopian fiction as a genre I would not enjoy. (Why? I’m not really sure. Probably because I sometimes enjoy having strong opinions for no reason. And also possibly because I did not know what dystopian fiction was, and associated it with vampires and werewolves.)

Anyway, I have found that dystopian fiction is really, really good, and just because there is now a ‘dystopian fiction’ book genre, does not mean that every dystopian fiction novel is the same. (Like vampire and werewolf books.)

I have created a new poll to gauge the popularity of some of my new favorite authors, so scroll down and check out the sidebar to VOTE for your fave dystopian fiction author. 🙂


~ Brooke H.

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