Features Week: Oct 24

Features Week continues!! Thanks to all of you who have rated posts, voted on the Harry Potter Poll, and left comments! Of course, you still have all week to do so. Two of my posts have been rated so far; but I need more ratings before I can upload a new feature onto the sidebar. Keep rating! (I’m not asking for a perfect 5 stars, either. It’s your ratings that help me improve, and I need truthful feedback where it is due.) Five people have voted on the Harry Potter poll (I’m not counting my own vote) – let’s shoot for five more before the end of the week! So far, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the most favored of the seven Harry Potter books.

Okay! New updates to the site:

Journal tab – I have deleted the ‘Journal’ page because I don’t update it often enough, and I no longer think it is necessary. Now that I am writing true ‘blogs’ as posts, I don’t think I need a ‘Journal’ page taking up space on the site. What do you think?
Tags – Some of you might have noticed these already; but I am now giving almost all of my posts ‘tags.’ This means that I am tagging them with specific words so that, when searched, the particular post will pull up. (This particular post is not tagged, but if you scroll down to the ‘Wakulla Springs’ post, you will see my tags listed under the title.)
Categories – The second thing you’ll see in the left sidebar is the list of ‘Categories.’ I deleted the ‘uncategorized’ category and set up a ‘videos’ category instead. When clicked on, it pulls up the 4 videos that I have added to this site.

Again, leave comments! Quick question: What would you like to see on this website? What do you think would make it better? If you have a suggestion (and don’t be shy) please comment on this post to let me know. I’ll see what I can do.

– Brooke

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