I’ve actually written about before, but I want to write about it again. is a really great site for people who LOVE books (like me) or writing. You can add the books you’ve read to your profile, find author quotes, read reviews on books you’ve read or books you’re planning to read, and more. You can also add chapters of books or entire novels that you’ve written. It’s a great way to put yourself out there and to show what you can do!

Just recently, my Goodreads profile was updated to ‘author’ status, so when anyone clicks on my profile or searches my name (or books), info about my series comes up as well. I’m really excited, because, again, it’s a great way to get myself out there and to promote my trilogy. 🙂 Below I have linked the Goodreads site and my author profile.

Click to check out
Click to check out Brooke’s author profile.

– Brooke 🙂

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  1. Emily

    Okay, sorry for the confusion. I was writing my comment, then I accidently clicked something and my writing disappeared. I thought my comment had submitted but now I think it didn’t…..sorry again.
    First of all, I think you are an awesome person. Frankly, I wish you were my BFF, lol. I mean, you’re just only in high school, and you’ve already written your own book series! That is so neat!
    I am a Mysterious Benedict Society fan, so I looked up the book title on Youtube to see if there was anything interesting on there, and I found your Brooke review. I liked your perspective, and I agreed with what you said about the characters’ friendships and about the author’s writing style. I watched your other Youtube videos and found your blog website. May I just say I FREAKED OUT when I found out you were a Harry potter fan? I read all the books a million times- you could call me a mega fan. I write more Harry Potter fanfiction than all other books put together.
    I am going into the seventh grade, and I love to write. I often write short stories, fanfiction, and poems, and my friends and family say I am quite talented (not to brag; you know how it is). I have never been able to write a book though. I mean, if I get the inspiration to write a book about something, it normally just goes away. I’m sure you would probably understand that.
    Do you have any tips for me on being an author? Where you normally start when you write, how you get inspiration, things like that? I read your review on your trilogy and looked for Part 2, but couldn’t find it.
    Anyway, I just want to sum everything up by saying that I admire you as a writer, and that I will be sure to look for your books and am excited to read them. -Emily


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