Halloween Contest

Write a poem, short story, bogus news article, or song about or pertaining to Halloween, and the winning piece will be uploaded to my blog once the contest is over.

I plan to let the contest run for a full week, so entries will not be accepted after next Saturday, November 6. Please enter! Write about your Halloween experience (tomorrow night!) or about the costume you created. Write about the time your brother scared you and your friends during a sleepover.

Submit your entry as a comment on this post, and I will be sure to see it. I will not publish the comment for everyone else to see, but don’t worry – I will judge all entries. I plan to be very fair, and just because I have to choose one it doesn’t mean I don’t want to choose all! I won’t play favorites, and I will be judging based on creativity, writing technique, and other aspects of the piece. You can make your story/article/poem scary, funny and humorous, or factual.

So have fun! Please submit and you could see your entry posted on this site next Saturday!!

Have a great Halloween, everyone!
– Brooke

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