If you want to get stuff done

motivational cakeDo you want to be a productive writer? I know I do, but I have so many excuses. I have too much homework. I have a job. I’ve been so busy, I deserve a break. It’s Thursday night and time to watch White Collar.

So, naturally, I wasn’t getting much done when it came to my writing life. And I felt guilty for it.

Take my commitment to NaNoWriMo, for instance. For the first fourteen days (which are crucial, by the way) I wrote hardly anything at all. I think, in that moment, I might have given up. Oh, I’ll try again next year. Unfortunately, I knew this wasn’t an option, because I’d told my critique partner I’d do it and how embarrassing would that have been to tell her I’d quit??


Which brings me to the crux of today’s post: accountability. Every writer (I don’t care who you are) needs accountability. You won’t always be able to do it by yourself. It’s important to have someone holding you accountable, someone who will accept nothing but your best work and whom you can thank later after they’ve whipped you into shape. (Because, let’s be honest, sometimes it’s painful.)

My critique partner asked me about my NaNo progress. I didn’t reply for several days. (The shame, oh the shame). When I realized I couldn’t wait any longer, I responded with an honest answer.

She later sent me the most motivational email, with tips and an inspirational photo, quote, and video clip. Her thoughtful email gave me the push I needed to jump back in.

It really makes all the difference, knowing someone cares and wants you to succeed just as much as you do. You should find someone to hold you accountable, whether it be a friend, a sibling, a parent, a mentor, a teacher, a coach, a critique partner, or your Twitter friends.

Your productivity will go through the roof.

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