Local Book Signing a Success

The book signing for local self-published Tallahassee authors took place this afternoon, and was extremely fun. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the other authors and visiting with my family and friends who showed up to support me.

Highlights of the afternoon:

1. The Fiji water bottle I found on my table when I walked in at 1:30 to set up.

2. Discussions with the other authors about self-publishing.

3. Having my picture taken with the oldest author participating in the signing, who will be turning 96 years old in a few days. (As the only 16 year old, I was the youngest participating author.)

4. The delicious shortbread cookie my sister brought to me after about an hour at the bookstore.

All in all, I would call the signing a complete success. I really hope to have another opportunity like this again – maybe with a new book to promote. No promises.

~ Brooke 🙂

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