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I am a huge computer person. It’s why I have a blog, a Facebook profile and Facebook pages, and a Youtube account. Not to mention the bazillion other photography websites, online shopping sites, and game sites I’ve signed up for that send me emails that usually wind up in TRASH and sometimes SPAM.

So, naturally, I have become a Pinner.

I discovered Pinterest last winter when my aunt showed it to me. I was taken by the site immediately, and signed up that afternoon. I knew the website must be totally awesome if you had to be ‘accepted’ by it. (I realize now that the website accepts everyone. But it was still a good feeling to be ‘invited/accepted.’)

On Pinterest, I have virtual pin boards (like cork boards/bulletin boards) where I can ‘pin’ great ideas that I find from any online site, or other Pinterest users. The website is easy to use, very user-friendly, and FUN. Have you ever found an awesome recipe online, or a really cute outfit or idea that you didn’t want to forget? By adding the ‘Pin It’ tool to my bookmarks, I can ‘pin’ whatever I want right away. I’ve created pin boards like ‘Food,’ ‘Jewelry,’ ‘Style,’ ‘Organization,’ and ‘Holiday.’

Because you can sign up for Pinterest through your Facebook account, I am ‘following’ many of my Facebook friends and they are following me. I follow my mom.

Best part is: I had no idea a cereal box had so many uses.

My advice: Check out Pinterest. Become a member. Follow me. 🙂

Another site that I love is You can create your own ‘word clouds,’ which, trust me, are a lot of fun. Click ‘create,’ and type in a long list of words that describe you. Click ‘generate,’ and the words become a collage. By playing around with the ‘randomize’ button, you can generate new styles. If you have specifics in mind, change the font, font color, and positioning of your Wordle.

If you enjoy Wordle, (and I know I’m not crazy – several friends of mine totally agree that it’s the best), you’d probably enjoy Tagxedo even MORE. Tagxedo is Wordle times 10. You type in your words but choose a SHAPE – like a bird, peace sign, or heart.

A couple of friends and I kept ourselves entertained in the computer lab this morning during English class designing word clouds with Tagxedo. I printed my Wordle in the shape of a whale. 🙂

I realize this was a pretty random blog – but I just wanted to share it with my readers in case you haven’t already heard of these AWESOME websites. You’re welcome.

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