Spring Break 2013: Books and… Ziplining?

My Spring Break is drawing to a close, but I have been meaning to write this post. For the past week, I have collected many good books, and I have had adventures.

So…my “spring reading” has consisted of the following books:

As Sure as the Dawn (Francine Rivers)

Clockwork Princess (Cassandra Clare)

Prodigy (Marie Lu)

A Clash of Kings (George R.R. Martin)

Although I have not finished reading all four books, reading has certainly made my Spring Break enjoyable. I look forward to the release of more books to come! (Check out this post to find a list of the books I am still impatiently waiting for).

photo (1)As to the “adventures” I’ve had this past week, I went kayaking in Vero Beach with cousins, and ziplining with my youth group. Kayaking was fairly relaxing, and much easier than I originally thought. (This could be because my kayak had pedals, and I didn’t use a paddle.) Ziplining, however, although it was just as much fun, was definitely more difficult.

photo (2)Actually, the ziplining itself was my favorite part of the experience. Tree to Tree Adventures, a ziplining course offered at a local museum, is really more of an obstacle course in the trees. The level of difficulty rose as we went from 20 feet to 40 feet to 60 feet off the ground. At times, I ziplined over zoo animals (including a very large tiger), and walked across steel cables (like tightropes, 60 feet high) from one tree to the next. Needless to say, I am now extremely sore.

All in all, I think I’ve had a successful Spring Break. If I can accomplish this much in one week, how much more could I do this summer?? Ah, the endless possibilities.

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