The Road to Unafraid: Jeff Streucker

The Road to Unafraid: How the Army's Top Ranger Faced Fear and Found Courage throughThe Road to Unafraid: How the Army’s Top Ranger Faced Fear and Found Courage through by Jeff Struecker

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This was such an inspiring book about facing fears and acknowledging Christ Jesus as Savior. I actually had the opportunity to hear Jeff Streucker, the author of ‘The Road to Unafraid’ speak, and I was so moved by his story and his words that I bought this book a day later.

What I loved most was that this man had real struggles, and faced very real fears. Yet he had the strength (and I’m not talking about his physical strength), to overcome those fears in a realization that even in the face of death, he could emerge victorious because he was firm in his faith. He realized that life or death situations were ‘win-win.’

Even if you aren’t a Christian, or religious in any way, I’d recommend this book just because it was such a great read. It gave an inside look at the U.S. Ranger missions, including Black Hawk Down and more. What made this book even more interesting was the fact that it was told through Struecker’s perspective, and reading about his reactions and emotions to certain dangerous situations made me realize that some of the toughest men in the military struggle with the same things I do – fear of losing friends, fear of failure, and fear of death.

It was a short and easy read – very worthwhile!!

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