Week 5 – Snippet – Content & Layout


Last week I wrote about the tools I’m using to create my Snippet. 

I introduced Scrivener, a word-processing program for writers which allows them to organize documents and keep everything in one place.

Today I’ll be writing about the content and layout of my Snippet, and what I’ve accomplished thus far.

It can be difficult to get started on a project when you feel overwhelmed. The best way to break through your fear is to jump right in.

Break it down. Create an outline for the content of your Snippet.

I’m writing a How-To guide to assist teen writers in building a blog from scratch. Each chapter of my Snippet will be devoted to an individual topic (remember – each chapter in Snippet must be less than 1000 words!).

My outline consists of four sections: Intro, Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3. I’ve created folders in Scrivener for each of these sections. 

scrivener - note cards

Your “binder” is displayed in the sidebar on the left. Folders and documents are found in this sidebar. In the screenshot above, the notecards represent the documents within my Phase 1 folder. This is simply an overview – each document at a glance.

Now that I have a pretty solid outline, I’m ready to begin adding chapters to my Snippet in the Snippet dashboard. Check out this video tutorial about adding new chapters.

add a chapter w arrow

I’ve decided which of my chapters need multi-media, and I’ll begin filming and editing images this week.

Next week I’ll touch on image editing and adding discoverables to your Snippet project. Thanks for reading!


Questions, comments? Share your thoughts!

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