Week 6 – Snippet – Multimedia


Last week I wrote about the content and layout of my Snippet project. I’ve outlined my project in Scrivener and have already added several chapters via my online dashboard.

Today we’ll be getting into the multimedia part of Snippet – I’ll be sharing how I’ve edited the images for my project, including the cover and the headers.

First things first. Before you create a super-awesome cover image for your Snippet, you need to be sure you’re aware of the correct dimensions.

The dimensions for Snippet are as follows:

1536px x 2048px – cover image / chapter cover image
1536px x 520px – TOC header
1536px x 400px – chapter header

The photo-editing software I’m using is called Pixelmator. It’s basically Photoshop for Mac. I wrote about Pixelmator in an earlier post about the tools I’m using for this project.

When I open the application, I can create a new image and set my own dimensions.

dimensions 4

So for my cover image, I wanted something simple. I added background color and text with my title and my name. If you’re new to Pixelmator, you can find fantastic tutorials on a variety of topics at Pixelmator’s website. I thought the videos were extremely helpful.


Upload your cover image and header image to your Snippet the same way you upload chapters. Uploading the chapter headers is similar. (Click into your chapter first.)


Most importantly, have fun designing your cover image. Be creative. In my opinion, the multimedia features of Snippet are what truly make it great. It’s a visual experience that compliments the¬†reading experience.

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to help. Write a comment or shoot me an email or contact me via social media. Thanks for reading!


Oh, and Happy Halloween *mwahaha* 


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