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De Couleur Pale (Book 1 of the Sky City Trilogy)

Creed Skye had a pretty normal life…until she turned seven. Of course, a city in the sky could hardly be called normal, but it was all she had ever known. Then her journal fell down below, a place unknown to Creed and the other citizens. Six years later, on an incredible journey to find the journal, Creed is caught up in a web of excitement and adventure.

A Battle of Fate (Book 2 of the Sky City Trilogy)

Creed and Marc are back, along with a whole new cast of characters that keep Creed’s ongoing story extremely interesting. Helen has just been announced Queen of Pastel, and unfortunately, the first decision she has to make as Queen involves waging war against Scharr – the other city in the sky. Creed, Marc, and Cecily all know it has something to do with Elias, but they have other matters on their hands. Their safety, for instance. And the fact that they’d better find Elias’ real son, otherwise, Cecily will be taken back to Scharr – forever. Faced with new challenges, Creed must overcome everything put in her path. Or else.

Scharred (Book 3 of the Sky City Trilogy)

Creed and her friends thought it was all over after they defeated Elias in battle. They were wrong. Creed, a magnet for trouble, wishes for adventure and is thrown headfirst into turmoil. An unexpected letter turns their lives upside down, and they’re the only ones who can fix the trouble their new enemy has created. High school is worse than Creed had imagined, leaving her to question her friendships, her courage, her lifespan, and even herself.


Learn more about my Sky City Trilogy – read the posts that chronicle my publication journey.

De Couleur Pale journal

A Battle of Fate journal

Scharred journal

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