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Hey, everyone! Here’s another book update. I just found out that my book is also on Not in stores; only online; but I’m excited that it’s there nonetheless! I’m half-way through the sequel now, so hopefully it will be up and running online by the end of the school year. I’m hoping that the full trilogy will be available to order by the end of the summer…but that’s not set in stone!

Thanks everyone who’s bought the book, and I hope you enjoy it! Make sure to check out my two 5-star reviews on

April 17, 2009, Friday

Hi again. I just wanted to let everyone know that I now have two more 5-star reviews, so, if you were one of those two people, thanks so much! It’s pretty cool to see reviews posted on, one of my favorite sites. (Bargains on books…that’s what I’m talking about.)
That is not all, though…I’ve got a new update that I’ve been anxious to post, so here we go. I have recently just finished writing A Battle of Fate, sequel to De Couleur Pale. It is being edited now, so I expect it to be up on Amazon ready to order by at least the end of the school year. (That would be the end of May.) Hopefully, it will be ready before then. And if everything goes smoothly, I’m hoping the full trilogy should be ready to order by the end of the summer.

– Brooke
P.S. The summary of book 2 will be posted soon so all of you who have finished De Couleur Pale will get a sort of sneak peak of what it’s going to be about. (As if you don’t already have a clue…)

June 16, 2009, Tuesday

Hello! It’s summer!!!! I’m so excited – because not only does summer mean vacations and relaxation, but it gives me lots of free time to work on editing my sequel and start writing the third book.
Updates: My dad is currently in the process of reading Book 2, my uncle has already edited it, and my sister is editing it as well. (She is a very detailed person and is sure to catch mistakes my dad or uncle overlooked.) I’m planning on rereading it soon, so hopefully it should be up by the end of summer. (I’ve passed my end of May date.) I was also just photographed (no kidding – probably about 5 minutes ago) for the Tallahassee Democrat. There is going to be an entire article about me in it! I have an interview tomorrow and I’m really excited.

P.S. Below is the summary of Book 2 like I promised. (Spoiler Alert!)

Creed and Marc are back, along with a whole new cast of characters that keep Creed’s ongoing story extremely interesting. Helen has just been announced Queen of Pastel, and unfortunately, the first decision she has to make as Queen involves waging war against Scharr – the other city in the sky. Creed, Marc, and Cecily know it all has something to do with Elias, but they have other matters on their hands. Their safety, for instance. And the fact that they’d better find Elias’ real son, otherwise, Cecily will be taken back to Scharr – forever. Faced with new challenges, Creed must overcome everything put in her path. Or else.

Hope you all are looking forward to it.
– Brooke

This is an article about me written by Mrs. Fran Hudson up at Trinity Catholic School, on

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