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Also Known As (Also Known As, #1)Also Known As by Robin Benway

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Also Known As, by Robin Benway, is a fun, light-hearted story about a teen spy. I’m sort of obsessed with spies, so naturally I really enjoyed this novel.

Maggie and her parents are spies for the Collective, and Maggie is an expert safecracker. But safecracking seems to be all she’s allowed to do, while her parents get to have all the fun. Maggie is desperate for her own solo mission, and she’s finally granted her wish.

She and her parents move to New York City, where Maggie’s mission is to befriend the son of a potential security threat. Jesse’s father is on the verge of publishing an article exposing members of the Collective, including Maggie and her parents. So it’s up to Maggie to stop him. But Maggie didn’t quite expect the mission to be so difficult. She has never before experienced private school or parties. She’s never made lasting friendships. And she may be falling for her mark (totally not allowed).

Maggie is clever and witty, and I liked her narration. Her friend Roux is hilarious, and Jesse is sweet. I appreciated Maggie’s relationship with her parents, who are loving and protective of their only daughter. I think healthy family dynamics are not portrayed enough in YA, and so this novel was refreshing in that sense. I thought the book was more about Maggie and Jesse’s relationship than spying, but that’s minor. In my opinion, the ending was a bit anticlimactic.

Overall, though, this was a light, quick read, and it made me smile.

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