Brooke Reviews: Stitching Snow by R.C. Lewis

So I know we shouldn’t judge books by their covers, but I really think the awesome cover of this book is what grabbed me. And, of course, that it’s a Snow White retelling, because I’m a huge fan of retellings.

I enjoyed many aspects of this book – the futuristic story world, feisty protagonist (princess in hiding!), reluctant romance, similarities to the original fairy tale. The story takes place in space, and Essie is the only girl on the mining planet Thanda because she’s a mechanic. Her seven dwarfs are seven drones, the mining drones she programmed herself and who keep her company. The reader doesn’t know much in the beginning about why Essie is in hiding, but you know it has to be a good reason because Thanda isn’t particularly safe or comfortable.

When Dane crashes onto her planet, I thought the plot would be pretty predictable from then on out. But I give author R.C. Lewis major points for adding interesting twists that made the plot quite the opposite! Both Essie and Dane have interesting backstories. The romance is slow and sweet, and it’s rewarding in the end.

Essie’s lingo was a bit overwhelming – she has this entire vocabulary that takes a while to get used to. Believe me when I say I appreciate good world building, but this was a bit distracting.

I really liked this retelling of the classic Snow White. I think it accomplished what all good retellings should: capture the overall tone/essence of the fairy tale, while giving the original a unique spin.


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