Middle school was memorable,
so many things to share
and looking back on these past few years
you can’t deny how much I care.

The little things I remember most
are the laughter and the smiles,
the rough times and the tears,
everything that made these years worthwhile.

I wish I could have been here longer
to watch everyone grow
into the wonderful people I see today
great friends, that much I know.

There are those who have come and gone,
and although I’ll remember forever,
sitting before me are the ones
who have been with me through this endeavor.

Little quirks in everyone,
the things that make them stand out,
I can pick them out in a crowd
without a single doubt.

We’ve been with each other
through rain and shine, thick and thin,
teachers, tests, checks and more…
these memories still make me grin.

I didn’t know what to expect at first,
that much is truly certain,
and now I just can’t believe
that it’s time to draw the curtain.

Endings can be unbearable,
tears will surely be shed
we will all miss one another
and graduation I’m coming to dread.

But I know one other thing, as well,
about this wonderful eighth grade class:
we’re ready and prepared for the outside world
when eighth grade comes to pass.

So as we put on our cap and gowns,
I’ll look around one last time,
at the many people I’ve come to love…
and now I have to say goodbye.

Bye, bye class of 2010! I’ll miss you guys!

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