You tucked me into bed at night
and gave me a kiss and a hug
I don’t know what I’d do without you…
I’ve grown up so loved.

You picked me up from school
and asked about my day
fed us snacks and helped me study
until I went out to play.

You laughed at all my jokes
though they probably weren’t funny
I laugh at yours, too
you make everything so sunny.

All these things you still do and more
I will always be thankful
keep up the wonderful work
for you I’m always grateful.

Your smile brightens everything
and makes me so happy
when you read this poem
I know you’ll get all sappy.

Today is your special day
so enjoy and have some fun
we love you so very much –
this comes from everyone.

A wonderful friend, wife, and sister,
but most of all you’re my mommy
I love you with all my heart
so happy birthday Toni!!

Happy b-day mommy! I love you and I hope you’ve had a FANTASTIC day! You are terrific.

– Brooke 🙂

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