New Year, New Conviction

The first day of the New Year is almost over…time continues to fly, which means I have decided to make the most of 2013.

One of my resolutions is to write consistently (something I have been reluctant to do for the past several months). My resolution is actually much more detailed, as I intend to set a plan in motion to motivate myself, and to improve in certain areas.

Anyway, something happened earlier today that gave me a new conviction to write.

I was watching the season 2 finale of one of my new favorite tv shows. The episode ended on a high note, although there were several cliffhangers that will lead into season 3. So, naturally, like any adoring fan, I decided to search for season 3 spoilers. Here is my advice: never, ever, search for spoilers. It’s better to be surprised during the new season than to be crushed beforehand.

I was truly crushed.

After having a little meltdown, I went to my room and decided that writing is most definitely what I want to do. For two reasons:

1. As an author, I have the freedom to write what I want, when I want, how I want.

2. I decide whether my characters will live or die. I decide which characters fall in love.

Being in control is a fabulous privilege – and the realization I had today that I can do nothing to change the fate of one of my favorite characters in my favorite tv show was terrible. However, I have the opportunity to create my own world, my own characters, and I have rediscovered the wonder in this opportunity.

Have you ever felt this way about a book, movie, or tv show (wishing you had the power to change it)? If you’re a writer, do you understand what I’m saying about having control?

One thought on “New Year, New Conviction

  1. Lacey

    First off, I somehow got the idea to visit your blog again. Lo and behold, you still update! And I cannot tell you how happy that made me!

    As a (completely amateur and inconsistent) writer, I totally understand the whole control thing. I’m an obsessive TV watcher/book reader, and I am right on track with you, 100 percent.

    I’ve missed talking with you, Brooke! Keep writing, keep posting, and keep following your dreams!

    — Lacey 🙂


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