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New Year, New Conviction

The first day of the New Year is almost over…time continues to fly, which means I have decided to make the most of 2013.

One of my resolutions is to write consistently (something I have been reluctant to do for the past several months). My resolution is actually much more detailed, as I intend to set a plan in motion to motivate myself, and to improve in certain areas.

Anyway, something happened earlier today that gave me a new conviction to write.

I was watching the season 2 finale of one of my new favorite tv shows. The episode ended on a high note, although there were several cliffhangers that will lead into season 3. So, naturally, like any adoring fan, I decided to search for season 3 spoilers. Here is my advice: never, ever, search for spoilers. It’s better to be surprised during the new season than to be crushed beforehand.

I was truly crushed.

After having a little meltdown, I went to my room and decided that writing is most definitely what I want to do. For two reasons:

1. As an author, I have the freedom to write what I want, when I want, how I want.

2. I decide whether my characters will live or die. I decide which characters fall in love.

Being in control is a fabulous privilege – and the realization I had today that I can do nothing to change the fate of one of my favorite characters in my favorite tv show was terrible. However, I have the opportunity to create my own world, my own characters, and I have rediscovered the wonder in this opportunity.

Have you ever felt this way about a book, movie, or tv show (wishing you had the power to change it)? If you’re a writer, do you understand what I’m saying about having control?


It’s 2010;
a new year
a year to do
new things.

Here comes another birthday
one year older at last
and then I’ll wait for the new year
to do it all over again.

2010 will bring change
from weather
to fashion
to more,

new people,
new talents
will be welcomed
into our world.

I’ll wait
and watch
to see for myself
what 2010 will bring.

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year! Welcome to 2010!
– Brooke