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There is music in my ears
as I try to fall asleep
I close my eyes
and listen
to the rhythm, to the beat.

Pulsing through my soul
as I toss and turn
drowning out other noise
and to dreamland
I will return.

Caught up in every note
that touches my heart
beauty in every form
this music
is a type of art.

Words meaning different things
to every single one of us,
a meaning so true
the lyrics in this music
are a plus.

This lullaby
is everything to me,
gentle, sweet, soft, and kind
soothing music like this
is hard to find.

I wrote this poem because I fell asleep to soothing music last night. My mom told me I could listen to my iPod so I would get sleepier; I created a ‘soothing music’ playlist and didn’t want to take it off! The music blocked out everything else, and it was already so quiet anyway that it was all I could hear. It was wonderful.