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Okay, this might be my favorite TTT so far this year. It’s cool because it’s not improbable – it seems to me as if more and more of my favorite books are being converted for the screen, whether it be for cinema or television.

Just look at the success of the Harry Potter movies, the Hunger Games franchise, Divergent, The Fault in Our Stars. As for TV shows, there’s Game of Thrones (I don’t watch it, but there’s plenty of evidence of it’s popularity!), The 100, the upcoming Mortal Instruments TV show.

Have I mentioned how crazy I am about today’s topic?? Huge fan.

1. The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer – Multiple movies would be epic, but I think it’s particularly well suited for TV what with the alternating perspectives of the large cast of characters.


Kelsey Chow or Lindsey Morgan as CINDER ; Katie McGrath as LEVANA

2. A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray – TV show. I just think each of the parallel universes could be explored in greater depth.

3. The Selection by Kiera Cass – TV show, like a teen version of The Bachelor. I’m sorry if that’s cliche. (I still think a lot of us would watch us.)

4. The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski – TV show. Hands-down. It’s addictive and intriguing and political. And don’t those qualities perfectly describe America’s current TV faves?


Julianne Hough or Lily James as KESTREL

5. Gallagher Girls by Ally Carter – I could see this going both ways. But I admit Cammie’s escapades as a spy-in-training could be filmed as individual episodes of a TV show, and each book as a full season.

6. 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson – Super cute romantic comedy – you know the one, where everything goes wrong until the end? But I’d only watch it if they film in Europe.

7. Legend by Marie Lu – Ah, I’m torn. I’d be totally on board for a movie or a TV show. So long as there’s awesome chemistry between the characters just like the books!


Hailee Steinfeld as JUNE

8. The Cuckoo’s Calling / The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith – Movies! I love murder mysteries.

9. Born of Illusion by Teri Brown – The gritty and enchanting setting of jazz age New York screams TV show.

10. Smart Girls Get What They Want – This would be a seriously adorable coming-of-age romantic comedy. I’m gaga for Gigi!


Olivia Holt or Stefanie Scott as GIGI


Have you guys heard of the “If List“? It’s an online site that allows you to nominate actors/actresses for the roles of your favorite characters. I’ve only just discovered it, so I’m looking forward to playing around with it a bit. Check it out!

Do you prefer movies or TV shows? DISCUSSION QUESTION: Would you rather wait for your fave book to be turned into a movie, and watch it all in one go, or watch it as a TV show that spans over months/years?


8 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: Books as Movies/TV Shows

  1. Brenda

    I totally agree with The Winner’s Curse! Hmm, tough question. I love movies, especially when they aren’t broken down into Part 1 and Part 2’s (I’m eyeing you Deathly Hallows), although I get why it was necessary and loved them both and loved the extra content. It is just so hard to wait for the next one coming out in the theater. If I want to rewatch the series, I have to make the time commitment, cause it’s like potato chips, I can’t stop with just one 🙂 I want to see the whole thing unfold at once. Now TV shows, I love them because there isn’t a huge time commitment, you can watch them in spurts, it’s something to look forward to each week. When they are on Netflix you can watch them anytime you want and for as long as you want. Yep, I love them both.
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    1. brooke Post author

      It is a tough question, isn’t it!? I agree that it’s frustrating when movies are broken up into two parts, and the wait becomes even longer. I didn’t mind Deathly Hallows as much because I didn’t want the producers to leave anything out! It’s such a brilliant book and I wanted to see every little detail! Mockingjay, on the other hand, is sort of annoying. I thought the third book of the Hunger Games trilogy was the least compelling, and therefore the 4.5 hrs of screen time is unnecessary. (I’ll watch both parts anyway.) Also, love your comparison to potato chips! So true. 🙂 Although with movies, at least you know what you’re getting into. Movies are 2/2.5 hrs max, and then you’re finished. TV shows, on the other hand, are my downfall. Especially if multiple seasons are already on Netflix and I let the episodes play back-to-back. Such a time-suck! (I call it “research”.) Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Brenda!

    1. brooke Post author

      Thanks, Grace!! I just love Cormoran Strike and Robin – it would be so fun to see them interact on screen. And what a fantastic setting, too! I realized while writing this post how difficult it is to find the perfect actor/actress for the character you picture in your head. (And you probably noticed the male species is lacking, as I just couldn’t decide and gave up in the end). It took me forever to publish this post because I kept referencing the IfList and getting sidetracked by nominating my picks, haha. 🙂

    1. brooke Post author

      Yes, definitely give Legend a shot! It’s a really interesting trilogy, and I love the characters. If you read it, let me know what you think!! 🙂 Thanks for commenting, Cayt!

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