Week 3 – Snippet – Brooke Reviews “Let Go”

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I discovered Snippet through Pat Flynn. I follow Flynn’s well-known site Smart Passive Income, and was intrigued when he blogged about writing/publishing a Snippet. After I’d done my research, I was pretty excited.

So I purchased Flynn’s Snippet for $2.99. I decided to read it on my laptop, but I can also access it on my iPhone.

I knew I’d get a better idea of what Snippet can do by taking a look at Flynn’s “Let Go.” Flynn’s efforts are never half-hearted – when he does something, he does it right. He focuses on providing quality content, and so that’s what I expected.

His Snippet definitely delivered.

I was actually already quite familiar with Flynn’s story – how he’d been working as an architect and was laid off due to the crashing economy, and how creating a blog as a study tool for an exam led him to becoming an online entrepreneur.

However, I enjoyed reading it all over again in “Let Go.” Flynn’s story is certainly inspiring, but he wrote “Let Go” because he had a message to share. Check out the trailer for “Let Go.”

*Snippet provides an engaging reading experience. It’s simplistic. White background, standard black text. But it isn’t merely a block of words on a screen. Flynn opens each chapter with a quote, which is italicized at the top of the page. Certain lines (his big ideas) are in larger font. Occasionally text is bolded.

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And at the end of several chapters, there’s a short video. Flynn elaborates on an idea he introduced in the chapter, or discusses something with his wife or his father (who are mentioned in the book), or returns to the setting of an important event. In my opinion, these videos really add something extra.


I encourage you to learn more about Pat Flynn and to check out his Snippet “Let Go” if you’re interested.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be exploring how to incorporate some of Flynn’s successful elements in our own Snippets.

*Quick disclaimer – I have not been paid to promote Snippet. I’m writing this series of posts simply because I think it’s cool and I’d like to create one myself. Also, all screenshots of “Let Go” are from the free preview. 

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