Who Are You?

Like a puzzle,
you’re hard to figure out
when I look at you now
there is a sliver of doubt.

Who are you?
I don’t know…
when I see you here and there,
you don’t bother to say ‘hello.’

I try hard to understand,
what might be going on inside
but the turmoil inside of me
is getting harder to hide.

I wish we could be honest
with ourselves and each other
and maybe then we’ll figure out
the secrets of one another.

You change every day,
you can’t seem to decide
who you want to be,
and you push your feelings aside.

It doesn’t matter
what you used to do
because you don’t do it anymore
if only we could start anew.

The point I want to make right now
as I end this poem right here,
is that being only yourself all the time
can bring others lots of cheer.

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