You know you have a problem when…



You have 6 overdue books and owe the library $$.



You trip over books on your way to turn off your alarm clock in the morning.



Your parents express frustration over finding YA novels in every room of the house.



You haven’t read for days because you have too many books to choose from and you’re paralyzed with indecision.



Losing Misplacing a book doesn’t even bother you like it normally would because you have so many others to keep track of.


CAN YOU RELATE?? Do you also have a “problem”? (Which, let’s be honest, is not really a problem. I’m in paradise surrounded by all these books!) 


3 thoughts on “You know you have a problem when…

  1. Taylor Lynn

    Do I have a problem? I mean, what’s a “problem”, anyway? Is frequent book-buying really a problem? Is filling up a bookcase and a bookshelf and needing a new shelf for your bedroom a problem? Is going to the library and walking out with a stack so big you can hardly carry it a problem?

    If so, then okay, yeah, I have a problem. But I prefer to think of it as promoting literacy and supporting authors. 😉 YAY FOR BEING SURROUNDED BY BOOKS!!

    1. brooke Post author

      Oh, I definitely agree. I think the actual problem here is not having enough space to display all my beauties. Unfortunately they are currently sitting in piles on my floor. 🙁 And I’ve finally returned my overdue books, so that’s been taken care of. And it doesn’t actually bother me paying the late fee – I’m happy to support my local library! Glad you can relate! I knew my bookish friends would understand. 🙂


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