Ever felt stressed?
The feeling definitely
isn’t the best.

If you spell it out
it doesn’t help
the feeling spreading

But spell it backwards
and what you find
blows your mind:
it’s ‘desserts’!

When you’re feeling down
you can turn things around
with some sweets
or a treat.

Some chocolate,
could ease the pain
some cake or ice-cream, too

cookies or pie
piled high
with lovely, delicious
whipped cream.

Sprinkles and icing
marshmallows and more
chocolate chips,
cookie dough,
coconut bits like snow.

With a full belly
and a mouth full of sugar
you’re sure to feel better

One thought on “‘Stressed’

  1. Lacey

    Brooke, if it weren’t for the fact that it’s Lent and I’m refraining from eating sweets, I’d say that this is a delicious poem that I want to read whenever I’m dealing with a taste of stress!! As it is…I still love it! 🙂


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