My name is Brooke,
it sounds like ‘book’
it stands for a lot of things.

The ‘B’ for instance
is like ‘bubbly’
that’s me.

The ‘R’ comes next
for ‘reader’
it describes what I like to do.

The ‘O’s
stand for owesome,
times two.

The ‘K’ is like
because I jump around a lot,

from writing, singing, swimming,
laughing, smiling, believing
(but I don’t do that very well.)

The ‘E’ comes last
because I excite
all that come near me…

If only there was a ‘V’
in ‘Brooke,’
because it would probably
stand for ‘vain.’

(ha, ha!)

That’s just me,
as you can see,
but I have 2 other names as well.

I best not go through those,
or you would be here
all day.

So when you think of Brooke,
think of the word ‘book’
and then the letters in my name –
my name is my claim to fame.

I wrote this poem as a little joke today during my free period in Social Studies. I was bored and needed something to add to my blog…so I wrote this! I truly do love my name, and it was the first thing that popped into my head, so here you go!
P.S. I know how to spell the word ‘awesome;’ like I said, this poem was a little joke. Also, the line in parentheses about not breathing very well is a little joke as well – I have asthma! (get it??)

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