Just Smile

I was sitting on the sidewalk
feeling so alone
when you walked by
and just smiled.

That one smile
washed over me with warmth
the sun above me shined
when you smiled.

You parted gray clouds
the gloom wrapped around me
and penetrated my heart
with that one smile.

You didn’t wave
you didn’t laugh
you didn’t show me sympathy

and suddenly I saw
the world with new eyes
I wasn’t mad; wasn’t sad
when I watched you smile.

Nothing more was needed
to make me feel so good
when I saw you smile,
I smiled, too.

3 thoughts on “Just Smile

  1. Lacey

    I really love this poem, Brooke. I loved it when you showed me the first bit, and I love the whole thing. It’s really cute and sweet. You should write more like it!! But then again, I love ALL your poetry, so it doesn’t really matter!! 😛


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