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There is music in my ears
as I try to fall asleep
I close my eyes
and listen
to the rhythm, to the beat.

Pulsing through my soul
as I toss and turn
drowning out other noise
and to dreamland
I will return.

Caught up in every note
that touches my heart
beauty in every form
this music
is a type of art.

Words meaning different things
to every single one of us,
a meaning so true
the lyrics in this music
are a plus.

This lullaby
is everything to me,
gentle, sweet, soft, and kind
soothing music like this
is hard to find.

I wrote this poem because I fell asleep to soothing music last night. My mom told me I could listen to my iPod so I would get sleepier; I created a ‘soothing music’ playlist and didn’t want to take it off! The music blocked out everything else, and it was already so quiet anyway that it was all I could hear. It was wonderful.

If You Miss Someone

Read this poem
if you’re feeling this way,
read what I have to say
if you miss someone.

Read this poem
if you lost someone
they’re days are done
and you miss them.

Read this poem
if they’ve gone away
for the rest of your days
and you miss them.

Read this poem
if you both were fighting
over something
and you miss them.

Read this poem
if you have to wait
for their come-back date,
and you miss them.

Read this poem
if you miss their smile
over the miles…
read this poem if you miss someone.

If and Only If

There are things that we want,
and things we can’t have,
one word sums it all:
though it may be small.

My mental picture
and reality
don’t seem to match up
so what I say is this:
if and only if.

If and only if…
I could fly, I could soar,
I could break down the doors
between us
if and only if.

If and only if
my dreams could come true
I’d float along in bliss
and for that I can say this:
if and only if.

If and only if
I found miracles round every corner,
the ups and downs could disappear
as would my fears
if and only if…

‘If and only if…’
this phrase is short but carries meaning,
and the one word itself is magic,
because its the first step to believing…
begin by just repeating: ‘if and only if.’

I don’t know what possessed me to write this. The phrase just sounded right for the title of a poem, I guess. And if (there it is again) you think about it, the more you realize that that one single word: ‘if’ is the beginning of a dream, of an obsession, of a goal…You think, ‘if and only if…’ It’s a wish. We all have them, and I think (I hope) I captured this revelation of mine just right in the poem. This thought seems to make sense to me…but it might not to some others. If you DO think it makes sense, please comment and let me know!! (I need to be reassured that my poem wasn’t just some random sentences put down on paper.)

– Brooke

September 23, 2010

Hey everyone! The poem below is pretty special to me, and I wanted to share it with everyone…(or the few readers I might have) I was going through my 2009/2010 8th grade English journal, and I came across this poem that I had written on September 23rd. We had been given a free write, and I wasn’t feeling too hot, so I wrote a poem about being sick. After English class, I went to the clinic and was sent home. As it turns out, I had gotten the H1N1 flu!! What makes me laugh is that despite all odds, I was still able to write a pretty humorous poem. (Well, it’s humorous to me, considering I had a pretty high fever when I was writing it…)

I feel my head spinning,
and I’m sitting, sitting, sitting,
and feeling as if
I might possible explode.
I don’t feel like sitting or standing
more like lying on the ground
there’s a buzzing in my head,
and odd sort of sound.
Someone’s drilling on my forehead,
someone’s clapping in my ears,
a whistle is another sound
I just don’t want to hear.
Make it stop! Make it stop!
Let’s put an end to this
I just want to go to sleep –
is that such a bad wish?
There are goosebumps on my arms,
chills down my spine
I’m just waiting for a monster
to pop up in this rhyme.
I think I must be sick
nothing seems to stick
the teacher is talking,
kids are walking…
The floor is shaking,
I feel like I am baking –
oh, now I’m cold again.
I let loose a cough
beg for medicine
talk nonsense
and chatter into oblivion.
Someone’s hand is in the air,
no, it’s more like four,
everything goes blurry
and I find myself on the floor…
“Call the nurse!”
is all I hear for now,
but I think of my mom –
because I know she’ll have a cow!

Ha, ha! As you can see, it IS a bit exaggerated…there wasn’t really any buzzing in my head, the floor wasn’t shaking, and I didn’t find myself on the floor. Nobody had to call 911, either. However, I think you can get the gist of just how badly I was feeling. I DID have chills, and I was getting hot and then cold over and over again. Well, I hope it made you smile, too. 🙂

– Brooke


Couldn’t sleep
need the peace
of knowing that it’s here.

I’m waiting,
so impatient
let morning arrive.

Want a surprise
for time to fly
my impatience to disappear.

I’m waiting,
waiting, waiting
temptation is baiting.

I won’t bite
I’ll close my eyes
let night pass me by.

I’m waiting,
let it hurry up,
here we go at last.

Impatience is fading
I think I’m done waiting
I know that it’s here now.

Everyone gets impatient every now and then, right? I get impatient A LOT. I wrote this poem the morning of our last school dance, because I couldn’t wait for it to get here and we would be seeing the yearbooks at lunch time. Of course, you also don’t realize how time flies. That night is over, and I have my own yearbook now, along with all of the other 8th graders.
– Brooke


Middle school was memorable,
so many things to share
and looking back on these past few years
you can’t deny how much I care.

The little things I remember most
are the laughter and the smiles,
the rough times and the tears,
everything that made these years worthwhile.

I wish I could have been here longer
to watch everyone grow
into the wonderful people I see today
great friends, that much I know.

There are those who have come and gone,
and although I’ll remember forever,
sitting before me are the ones
who have been with me through this endeavor.

Little quirks in everyone,
the things that make them stand out,
I can pick them out in a crowd
without a single doubt.

We’ve been with each other
through rain and shine, thick and thin,
teachers, tests, checks and more…
these memories still make me grin.

I didn’t know what to expect at first,
that much is truly certain,
and now I just can’t believe
that it’s time to draw the curtain.

Endings can be unbearable,
tears will surely be shed
we will all miss one another
and graduation I’m coming to dread.

But I know one other thing, as well,
about this wonderful eighth grade class:
we’re ready and prepared for the outside world
when eighth grade comes to pass.

So as we put on our cap and gowns,
I’ll look around one last time,
at the many people I’ve come to love…
and now I have to say goodbye.

Bye, bye class of 2010! I’ll miss you guys!

Into Tomorrow

Looking over my shoulder
and into the past
makes me realize
what I will do next…

I’ll take a step forward,
hitchhike on the road,
leading to the promising

I might need a push,
a shove or head start
to get me going
along I shall trot.

On my way to the future,
murky and gray,
colors ever changing
as things change along the way.

There are forks in my path,
and obstacles, too,
I’m heading into tomorrow…
what about you?

Just Apologize

Whatever you said
you just might forget
but the words can infect
someone else…

so pluck up the courage,
and be brave, my friend…
take the high road
and apologize.

Swallow your pride,
take time to look inside
and pull out the words
to apologize.

Intentions go astray
throughout the day
feelings are hurt,
so apologize.

Later on in life,
you’ll look back on yourself
and know what you did was right…
you apologized.

Stinky Gym Socks

Twas the morning before field day
and all through the hall,
the children were gathering books –
but not all –
for one middle schooler was not doing that
but instead put on his field day hat.
He wore it all day
and through the night
until through his blinds streamed morning’s light.
Once at school he put on his gym socks, too,
and hurried out to the green,
where he perspired and sweat
so it was seen.
At the end of the day
he put back his socks and his hat
yes, yes, he did just that.
They infested and were bested
by the smell of rotting garbage
they stank so bad
they made the janitor sad
that he was still alive.
The next day the boy walked in
to exclamations of surprise
for in his locker sat his socks and hat,
moldy and unkind.
Now the boy is on the floor
because of the awful smell
and that is the story of stinky gym socks
that I will continue to tell.

Who Are You?

Like a puzzle,
you’re hard to figure out
when I look at you now
there is a sliver of doubt.

Who are you?
I don’t know…
when I see you here and there,
you don’t bother to say ‘hello.’

I try hard to understand,
what might be going on inside
but the turmoil inside of me
is getting harder to hide.

I wish we could be honest
with ourselves and each other
and maybe then we’ll figure out
the secrets of one another.

You change every day,
you can’t seem to decide
who you want to be,
and you push your feelings aside.

It doesn’t matter
what you used to do
because you don’t do it anymore
if only we could start anew.

The point I want to make right now
as I end this poem right here,
is that being only yourself all the time
can bring others lots of cheer.