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Jingle Bells

Jingle bells,
jingle bells
and round…
They jingle and they jangle
filling the hall with sound.
Shake them,
rattle them,
roll them,
they’ll jingle every time.
In your hand,
in a band,
or on the ground.
Such little balls of joy
can cause smiles everywhere
or headaches –
I’m well aware.
I can’t wait to shake my own
to make a little ‘jingle’
and when Christmas comes along
I’ll feel a little tingle.

Just Smile

I was sitting on the sidewalk
feeling so alone
when you walked by
and just smiled.

That one smile
washed over me with warmth
the sun above me shined
when you smiled.

You parted gray clouds
the gloom wrapped around me
and penetrated my heart
with that one smile.

You didn’t wave
you didn’t laugh
you didn’t show me sympathy

and suddenly I saw
the world with new eyes
I wasn’t mad; wasn’t sad
when I watched you smile.

Nothing more was needed
to make me feel so good
when I saw you smile,
I smiled, too.


My name is Brooke,
it sounds like ‘book’
it stands for a lot of things.

The ‘B’ for instance
is like ‘bubbly’
that’s me.

The ‘R’ comes next
for ‘reader’
it describes what I like to do.

The ‘O’s
stand for owesome,
times two.

The ‘K’ is like
because I jump around a lot,

from writing, singing, swimming,
laughing, smiling, believing
(but I don’t do that very well.)

The ‘E’ comes last
because I excite
all that come near me…

If only there was a ‘V’
in ‘Brooke,’
because it would probably
stand for ‘vain.’

(ha, ha!)

That’s just me,
as you can see,
but I have 2 other names as well.

I best not go through those,
or you would be here
all day.

So when you think of Brooke,
think of the word ‘book’
and then the letters in my name –
my name is my claim to fame.

I wrote this poem as a little joke today during my free period in Social Studies. I was bored and needed something to add to my blog…so I wrote this! I truly do love my name, and it was the first thing that popped into my head, so here you go!
P.S. I know how to spell the word ‘awesome;’ like I said, this poem was a little joke. Also, the line in parentheses about not breathing very well is a little joke as well – I have asthma! (get it??)

The Gingerbread House

I’m thinking about
my gingerbread house
it’s the only thing on my mind…

with its gingerbread roof
and gingerbread walls
held together with icing like glue.

It will have a front door
trimmed with coconut
and a pathway lined with gumdrops,

small candy balls
will dot the roof
sugary icicles reaching down.

It will have chocolate squares for shutters
and M & Ms on the walls
with red cherry twizzlers for gutters.

Cotton candy fluffs will serve as trees
ribbon candy for windows
and a layer of sugar like snow.

In anticipation
I wait to be finished
so I can eat it all!


Because I was so inspired by the poem below, I decided to write my own Christmas poem. I love Christmas and everything about it – the special feeling I get when the tree is put up and we unpack the ornaments, the warmth that I feel when we drive through town at night and everyone’s lights are turned on, the taste of hot chocolate, marshmallows, and special Christmas cookies, memories from Christmas past, presents under the tree, and the Bible story that tells the tale of a miracle. The entire season just means so much to me and my family, and that is why I wanted to put these feelings into a poem to share with you.

Sitting round the Christmas tree,candy cane
under the glow of the lights,
twinkling and dazzling within the room,
everyone’s eyes are bright.

Laughter fills the air,
joy spreads everywhere,
as children share candy canes,
and speak of special reindeer.

Memories fill the minds of those
present in the jolly scene
where gifts are being passed around
wrapped in paper of red and green.

Ribbons and bows are on the ground,
hot chocolate on the table,
Christmas music in their ears
makes for a sweet, sweet sound.

The Bible lying on the table
flipped open to a certain page
a nativity scene on the mantel
where children stare of every age.

Stories stacked on a chair
telling stories of one remembered night
when Joseph and Mary made the trek
to a certain stable.

On Christmas Eve the family will gather
in a fit of excitement and wonder
the little ones waiting for Santa Clause
leaving cookies and milk on the counter.

As they go to bed they dream of treats
but remember this, as well,
Jesus died to save us all
and on this last note do I wish to dwell.

Keep in your heart the Christmas spirit
the joy, the love, and the laughter
and also the fire of God’s love, as well,
that forever and always he will keep lit.

The True Meaning of Christmas

My sister used this poem for Poetry Jam at our school, and it really touched my heart. It is so true and I think we could all benefit from taking a moment to absorb what it is saying.

In today’s day and time,
it’s easy to lose sight,
of the true meaning of Christmas
and one special night.

When we go shopping,
We say “How much will it cost?”
Then the true meaning of Christmas,
Somehow becomes lost.

Amidst the tinsel and glitter
And ribbons of gold,
We forget about the child,
born on a night so cold.

The children look for Santa
In his big, red sleigh
Never thinking of the child
Whose bed was made of hay.

In reality,
When we look into the night sky,
We don’t see a sleigh
But a star, burning bright and high.

A faithful reminder,
Of that night so long ago,
And of the child we call Jesus,
Whose love, the world would know.

written by Brian K. Walters